REO Asset Management

Experienced leadership, incomparable technology and a proactive approach to REO management sets GRC apart from other asset management companies.

GRC believes that in today’s market, micro management and flexibility in repairs of REO Assets is required to obtain the best possible sales results. Lowering sales prices is NOT always the answer. GRC shall provide the client with full “turn-key” REO management services which include the following services managed on REOTrans:

  • Eviction Coordination
  • Redemption/Confirmation Management
  • Cash-for-Relocation
  • Property Preservation and Inspections
  • Insurance Claim Management
  • Administration and Payment of Property Taxes and Home Owner Association Dues
  • Repair Management
  • Title Evaluation and Coordination
  • Marketing Review and Management through our Approved Broker Network
  • Offer Negotiation
  • Closing and Escrow Management

Over the last two years, GRC has developed several similar key engagements in which we had to work on our clients’ systems during a steady increase of new REO flow. The challenges differed with all four; generally a 60 day start-up period allowed us to get all the processes worked out, along with fully understanding the client’s expectations. The more training on the system and the greater understanding of the tasking profiles prior to the transfer ensured a smooth, working relationship. In addition, our IT department mapped our systems to client systems allowing us to move dates between our clients’ companies on a daily basis.

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